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Authors, publishers and other great sites for kids and parents../H3A_Links.html

Guest Blogger

Are you a children’s author, librarian or teacher? Are you passionate about getting children to create art, music or literature? I’m looking for guest bloggers for the following pages: Kim’s Kitchen, Kid’s Craft Blog, Daily News. Click HERE to request a guest blog.

Genna’s Reviews

Genna is nine years old. If you would like her to review your book for the Chatel Village Library click HERE.

Contest Page

I’m looking for contests for kids. If you have a writing, art or other contest for kids, click HERE to have it added to the Chatel Village contest page.

Non-profit books

If you are the author or publisher of a book that donates royalties (all or partial) to charities, please click HERE to have your book listed on Chatel Village Books for Good page.

Get Kids Published

I’m looking for publishers who accept art and literature from kids. If you are a book or magazine publisher who publishes works by kids, click HERE to have your house listed on the Chatel Village Kids’ Resource Page.

Links Page

If you have a website or blog that you think would fit on the Chatel Village links page, click HERE to request a link on Chatel Village Link Page.

Check out the winners of the “A Talent for Quiet” Photo-Poetry Contest.../C2E1_Winner_Photo-Poetry_Contest.html

I am now booking school visits for 2010 in eastern PA or western NJ. I bring my original artwork and enthusiasm for kids literature. Visit the School House for more information on having an author visit your school or organization.

Newest Updates

TV Lounge: Cat Love

Kim’s Kitchen: Frog Eye Salad

Craft-Activity Blog: Storytelling in a Multimedia World

Library: New Review, Thomas Riley, by Nick Valentino

Oxtail Orchard: First review and excerpt for “Burgher and the Woebegone

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