I would love to bring my books to your classroom!

I am currently available for visits in the Eastern Pennsylvania/Western New Jersey Region. If you would like me to visit your school or organization, please CONTACT ME.

Here’s an outline of what to expect from my visit:

  1. 1.I will bring my original artwork for the children to handle and explain the unique art of needle-felting, or photography.

  2. 2.I will read aloud from one of my books (10-15 minutes.)

  3. 3. We will play the STORY GAME which is a fun brainstorming technique that teaches children how to create a simple outline for a story.

  4. 4.I will answer any questions about being an author and artist.

  5. 5.I offer hand-out resources to inspire children to read and write and have their own work published.

  6. 6.Book signings and sales are also available.

  7. 7.Craft sessions and photography workshops can also be arranged for smaller groups.

My books (click on the title for more information)

  1. 1.Rainbow Sheep is a picture book suitable for ages 4 to 10.

  2. 2.A Talent for Quiet is a picture book suitable for ages 8 to 12.

  3. 3.The Stone Beach is YA novella suitable for ages 11-14

Guardian Angel Publishing Sponsors a writing contest for kids!

First prize is a publication of the winning entry! Click here to find out how your school or library can get involved.C2D_GAP_Contest.html

Here is a sampling of lectures I have done for schools and libraries in the past. I am always open to special events as well, such as mentoring or creative writing workshops. Please CONTACT ME for fees and details. References available upon request.

1. Basic Reading.

This package is a simple reading of the book, followed by a short question and answer period. For larger groups, I can project the illustrations by projector.

Suggested time: 30 minutes

Suggested age: 4 to 6 years

2. The Story Game

I begin with a discussion about themes and how to recognize them in a story. After a reading of the book, we play the story game, based on the handout “Everyone has a Story, What’s Yours,” followed by a question and answer period. The story game is given as a handout, as well as my current creative writing contest for kids.

Suggested time: 45 minutes

Suggested age: 6-12 years

3. What is Publishing All About?

I begin this presentation by showing a book of poetry I wrote when I was 8 years old. I then talk about the process of having a book published. After reading the book, I give the kids some ideas about where they could send their own stories, poems and book reviews for publication. A handout is included.

Suggested time: 45 minutes

Suggested age: 8 to 12 years

4. Experience Fiber Art

After a reading of Rainbow Sheep, we get hands-on and create a simple craft from wool. For younger kids we can make a wet-felted soap or small felt bug. Older children (8+) can follow the instructions in the book to make a needle-felted sheep. Please note, this presentation is for smaller groups only.

Suggested time: 60 minutes

Suggested age: 8+ years

5. Photography Workshop

After reading selections from A Talent for Quiet, we talk about the art and mechanics of photography and then complete 3 hands-on photo tasks to learn how to improve pictures with automatic cameras. Parents are encouraged to take part. Please note this presentation is for smaller groups only.

Suggested time: 60 minutes

Suggested age: 8+ years